Solar storage solutions

Our family of energy storage and management systems provides solutions for end users and energy providers alike. Our storage systems are focused on residential and small businesses, built on an intelligent power-converter platform with advanced and flexible control algorithms specifically designed to deliver proven and effective reliability, power quality, and economical energy management. E-motors has engineered its energy storage-management solutions to meet utilities¡¯ specific power-requirement needs and support an even power distribution, in the future our intelligent power management system can be utilized by grid operators as a resource back up power during emergencies on demand.

Ideally a photovoltaic system generates solar power during the day, which you can either use yourself or feed into the electricity grid, although they can also be wired directly into the grid to charge at off peak hours and discharge during peak load demands are at their highest. The progressive reduction of compensation for electricity fed into the grid and the continued increase in electricity prices means that the use of privately generated solar power is making more and more sense from an economic perspective. The 100% green energy also has environmental benefits, as its use lessens the load on the electricity grid.

For off-grid solar power systems in remote or hard to reach area¡¯s they operate in the same basic manner with grid-tied systems. The solar panels collect the sun¡¯s energy and with the help of a charge controller and inverter, turn it into electricity. Because all the electricity that¡¯s generated is not used immediately, a bank of batteries will store the power until you need it. Add a backup generator for the few times when the sun does not shine for days at a time and you can be truly ¡®off the grid¡¯.

Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate batteries are optimal for this usage for deep power on demand and fast recharging, with excellent charging and discharging characteristic can charge and store energy to maximize when using solar panels. Meanwhile, and in the circumstance that at night or the weather is bad, our lithium iron phosphate battery will play an important role.

Battery Specifications
• Battery Specification:48V/24V/12V, 200Ah/150Ah/100Ah
• Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate
•  Integrated Protection Circuit Module (PCM)
• Operating Temperature: -10¡æ¡«60¡æ
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