Solar Garden/Lawn Light

The solar garden lights are designed for decorating paths, gardens, parks, sight seeing squares, villas, factories etc. Several types of garden lights are available for customers. Solar garden lights are a great way to help ensure that your garden, walkway, patios decks and more stay well lit even after dark.

Solar garden lights can be the perfect solution for many outdoor lighting needs. These are perhaps the most commonly purchased and widely developed type of solar technology today. In fact, the variety of options available can be quite overwhelming.

Environment friendly.
Require no additional wiring and are unaccompanied by spiraling electricity bills.
Stylish and pocket friendly solar light options in your neighborhood.
For outdoor lighting, it is wise to make use of the resources that are present. The sun is one of these widely available resources. There is simply no need to waste valuable fossil fuels for garden lighting when the sun is so abundant. Solar garden lights utilize the power of the sun to efficiently light outdoor gardens and walkways without any waste of energy.

Outdoor lighting types include solar lamp lights, fence post lights, yard spot lights, walkway lights, and many more. Nighttime lighting can be a valuable safety tool for visibility of decks, pathways, and stairways. The lights may also simply be used to light up a beautiful fountain or favorite rose bush. The easy installation makes all the possible locations for solar garden lights virtually endless.
E MOTORS is able to supply different types of battery for solar garden light.

Battery Project
• Norminal Voltage: 12.8V 10Ah
• Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4)
• Rating: 120Whr
• Cycle Life:  >2000 cycles
• Charge Temperature: 0~45
• Discharge Temperature: -10~60
• Build in Protection Circuit Module(PCM)