Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are used throughout the world for a number of innovative applications and a great alternative for rural or farming applications. We designed these originally for several governments in Africa and the use quickly spread on other continents. If you are in a remote area and the cost of running traditional water piping is cost prohibitive, If water use is not very convenient in private homes and weekend cottages, the solar water pump may be the best choice.

Solar pumps are unique in electrical and mechanical design. Conventional water pumps will not provide satisfactory performance in a non-grid powered situation as they are not designed with energy efficiency in mind. Often residential needs include the ability to supply water under pressure on demand. Storage batteries are required for this application because the pump needs to run on demand, not just when there is sunshine available.

It is widely used in areas that are not covered by the electricity network, for usage like daily water supply, farm irrigation, forest irrigation, control of desertification and water supply for islands.

Considering the influence results from the weather, off-grid various factors, equipped with a powerful lithium iron phosphate battery as the back-up energy becomes necessary. E MOTORS¡¯s lithium iron phosphate battery provides an optimal solution for Solar water pumps in the open air.

Our lithium iron phosphate battery with excellent charging and discharging performance can charge and storage energy to the greatest extent when using solar panels. Meanwhile, and in the circumstance that at night or the weather is not very good, our lithium iron phosphate battery will play a significant role. In addition, lithium iron phosphate battery¡¯s high discharge rate can up to 10C, that ensure the pump operate perfectly.