Portable Pocket Power

ortable pocket power is backup battery you can carry with you wherever you go! With the rapid growth of Global economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more portable electronic products is coming into play. Smart Phones, Mobile Phones, Ipad, MP4, MP3, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, GPS units and so much more all can use a bit of extra power.

When traveling abroad, a business trip, on a bus, a train, jogging, hiking you name it! Lets face it! These devices become a necessity to have as a travel companion. And most importantly to understand, these are the moments when they need to perform at they peak! 

Through research and exploration the development of these pocket power on demand lines come in several shapes designed to meet any need. These high capacity units from 1000mah to 20000mah stores power-charge on standby for up to 4 months.

They  Attractive, Compact, Small and light weight. Easy to carry around, and a standard USB output interface. The intelligent battery indicator 5V devices can be used on iPhones 5, 3G/3GS, iPhone4s, iPad, Blackberry's, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson and much more smart phones, then also digital products for example, PSP,PDA,PMP,cameras with a USB connector etc...With a variety of connectors available these options can just get better. Charge you devices on the move with no hassles, just charge up your POWERBANK and when you need that power plug it in and press the button. Charge for your device on the go!