On & Off-grid ESS

On & off-grid Power System

E MOTORS Energy Storage System (ESS)/ UPS system  (10kWh-15kWh) is a Battery system  saving power from Solar, or directly from the grid when utility rates are low. It maximizes self consumption, and powers your home or business whenever you need. It can also be used during power outage or emergency circumstances.

This system including lifepo4 battery, BMS, inverter, MPPT solar charge and Junction box. Optimizing solar system of grid-tie, off-grid, or hybrid.  If security and independent power is your concern, this system can ease your mind and maximize your self-consumption.

                             How to work

1.PV work for load

PS: PV will supply energy to load in the daytime, surplus energy from PV will be saved into battery; battery will be supply energy to load during night or any time that load needed, meanwhile surplus energy in the battery can be sold to grid.

  2. Grid work for load

PS: Grid can supply energy to your load whenever daytime or night, or you can choose to charge battery via grid when valley, and battery supply energy to load when peak.

  3. Battery work for load

PS: Of course, consumer can sold out the energy to grid when you want.

  4. Solution 1. 2 and 3 can complementary.

PS: Consumers can design this system by yourself, such as you can store energy to the battery when valley, and sold out the energy when peak.

One word, our system will make consumers benefit maximization

How to charge battery?

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Whole System Including:
*  Energy Management System
*  Battery Management System
*  Off-grid Inverter
*  Storage Battery
Storage System Including:
*  AC & DC Inverter
*  Battery Charge & Discharge System
*  Grid & Battery Switching
And also our system have UPS function
*  Intelligent Centralized Hybrid Power Management.
*  User-friendly touch screen interface, optional manual setting operation mode and time.
*  Battery Management System for modular battery monitoring and   protection.
*  Adopt the latest Li-ion technology (Li-FePO4) for a better safety features and super cycle life, expecting a working life up to 10 years.

1. Data Center (High Rate UPS)
2. Telecommunication
3. Banks & Financial Center
4. Hospital & Testing Laboratories
5. Power Generation Plants
6. High Power Backup Supply
7. Design with Planted Corrosion Resisting Alloy and Thickened Plate