E-bike battery project
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Developing affordable batteries offering long
driving range is the biggest challenge to increasing sales of plug-in electric vehicles. Batteries for these vehicles differ substantially from traditional lead-acid batteries used in internal combustion engine vehicles. Lead acid batteries are larger, heavier, more expensive and have safety risk that mandate use of electronically controlled cooling systems. Various chemistries can be applied, with lithium-ion appearing the most feasible approach at the present time.

lithium Ion Battery Key Features:

¡ñWeight Saving
¡ñZero Pollution
¡ñExcellent Life Span
¡ñMulti-level Safety Design
¡ñFlexible Size, Custom Design
¡ñPassed UL, IEC,UN38.3 tests


Build in advanced battery management system protect battery from overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit.
Enjoy high energy efficiency and at least 5 times longer service life than VRLA.
Save about 60% weight and 30% volume, campared with traditional lead acid battery at the same ratings.
Excellent performance in low and high temperature enviroment.
Low Maintenance ¨C no periodic discharge is needed; No memory.
Ideal space-saving solution for your LEV.
One-half less self-discharge compared with nickel-cadmium battery.
Battery Project

Norminal Voltage:48V
Norminal Capacity: 15Ah
Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate
Rating: 720Whr
Cycle life:  >1000 cycles
Charge Temperature: 0~45¡æ
Discharge Temperature: -10~60¡æ
Integrated Protection Circuit Module(PCM)

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