UPS battery project
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    Refrigerators have come a long way since they were originally introduced into the market in the early 1800¡¯s. Besides industrial and residential use, portable refrigerators are used for apartments, dorm living and have recreational uses such as camping, fishing, boating, and hunting.A portable refrigerator is an amazing invention that can allow you to take long road trips with a bit of luxury by bringing home-cooked foods with you on your journey. However, powering a portable refrigerator is a challenge.Contrary to logical thinking, Portable refrigerators work based on the same principles, but actually depend on temporary power sources to run properly. This means that it requires a powerful lithium iron phosphate battery as the power supply. EMOTORS works hard to provide the excellent Lithium iron phosphate battery solutions and technology for portable refrigerator.When you make a long journey, plug the portable refrigerator into your cigarette lighter so that the refrigerator¡¯s batteries have an opportunity to recharge. You may plug the unit into both AC and DC power sources at once and the unit will switch between the two automatically with the AC power being the dominant source. EMOTORS¡¯s high capacity, high energy density, low energy consumption, long cycle life, wide temperature range, light weight LiFePO4 battery can satisfy all the power needs and it will be your best choice of portable refrigerator.

Battery ProjectBattery Specification: 12V, 20AHCells: 4LP8867220F-2-PCM-LDChemistry: Lithium Iron PhosphateMaximum charge current: 10A (1 C5A)Maximum Discharge Current: 20A (2 C5A)Integrated Protection Circuit Module (PCM)Operating Temperature: -10¡æ¡«60¡æDimension: 74* 70* 250mm

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