Mobile battery project
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In our daily life, we are always annoyed with the power outages resulted from a variety of factors, such as weather disasters, off grid and so on. Meanwhile, there are a lot of news telling us that the worldwide power grids are being stretched to their limits. In this case, mobile energy storage becomes a necessity in our daily life.EMOTORS¡¯s Lithium iron phosphate battery will be an excellent energy solution for mobile energy storage. EMOTORS increasingly consummate Lithium iron phosphate technology enables us to provide better power systems for mobile energy storage. EMOTORS battery system can help you keep the lights on and fridge cold in a power outage or natural disaster while potentially saving you even more on your monthly utility bills, making it convenient for you and your family.

Applications:RV power systemThe advantage of a mobile energy storage system over traditional generator is that there is associated with the solar system. It can perform in all altitudes, under all conditions, and for worry-free travels.Mobile power systemMobile energy storage system offers a complete solution for all your mobile devices such as mobile phones, mp3, Laptop when you need it the most and power your outdoor life everywhere.Emergency power stationAny natural disasters that result in the power outages always remind us the importance of a mobile power source. The mobile solar power system serves as a flashlight and cell phone charger, and ensures the basic survival of electricity to keep you informed and connected during an emergency.Home standby power stationStand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with the most trusted in home standby power.Battery ProjectBattery Specification: 24V, 80AhChemistry: Lithium Iron PhosphateIntegrated Battery Management System (BMS)Operating Temperature: -10¡æ¡«60¡æLong Cycle Life and High SafetyExcellent Charging and Discharging PerformanceHigh Discharge Rate up to 10CEnvironment Friendly



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